Idle No More, Gulf Coast, New Orleans, LA, January 20, 2013

Idle No More - Gulf Coast

Idle No More – New Orleans, LA

Dear friends,

I wish to make you aware of an event being held January 20 in New Orleans, in support of “Idle No More” – the First Nation based movement that has spanned the world in the last few months.

This unique, family-friendly, event will include prayer offerings, traditional round dance and more. There is a childrens play area in sight, as well. Please consider participating in this event, and in the global movement. For more information on Idle No More, check out the official page at

IN ADDITION, we want you to understand that we hold the space for you to come and share info on your organization and the work that you are doing. There is room for tables, if you wish, as well.

Although the movement INM began in Canada, indigenous peoples living in the GOM have long experienced similar oppression concerning tribal sovereignty and industry induced environmental disaster. Also, the movement’s main expression of the protection of Mother Earth, and the inequality of burden placed upon people of color and low income communities, rings highly familiar to our region – as well you know. We support and join them in their directive to pressure the “government and industries to protect the environment through grass roots perspective, issues and concerns.”

For more information on the NOLA event, please see event page on Facebook found here Also we have a page to share photos, important links, etc. found here Please also see poster, attached.

Idle No More – Gulf Coast Round Dance and Gathering Pavilion#1, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana 11 am to 3 pm

Hope to see you there!


Cherri Foytlin


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